Flameless Air Freshener

Fragrance Oil Descriptions

Apple Cinnamon

What a delicious combination of warm apples and cinnamon!  Especially popular during the holidays, this scent will create the impression of fresh baking throughout your home year-round.  A luscious combination to please the senses and awaken the air with a warm and cozy feeling.

Beach Bobby*Brown Type

Gentle notes of refreshing citrus, lavender and geranium.  The breezy tones of fresh ocean spray and hint of grapes caress your senses. Makes you think you're at the beach.

Blue Agave

A top note of Kaffir lime, lemon zests, apple, and black currant, followed by middle notes of lily of the valley and rose petals, sitting on base notes of oakmoss and white woods.

Butt Naked

This is a tried and true best seller in the fragrance oil category!! It gives you the tantalizing medley of Granny Smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice.

Butterfly Hugs

Natures Garden original created by blending lily of the valley, apple blossoms, and rose petals, A very uplifting scented oil to take you to your happy place.


Reminiscent of tropical summer breezes with its blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with its hint of vanilla.


A singular, fresh scent of summer cherries.  No undertones to interfere with the sensation of sniffing a freshly picked basket of cherries.

Cinnamon Buns

Sniffing this scent brings visions of warm cinnamon buns fresh baked and drizzled with vanilla icing.  This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including clove.

Clean Crisp Air

This scent is perfect when looking for a fragrance that reminds you of fresh clean air filled with hints of greenery and florals. No heavy base notes, just fresh blend of baby’s breath, periwinkle, lily of the valley. 

Cotton Candy

Just like fresh cotton candy from the county fair! The sugary raspberry, strawberry, and sweet vanilla notes brings back memories of fluffy, pink and blue cotton candy on your nose and cheek! It's rich, it's sweet, it's aromatic, just like at the carnival.


This sassy, yet delicate fragrance combines the sweetness of berries and powdery heart candies, on middle notes of light florals, with base notes of musk, sandalwood and champa. A cutesy, modern scent for the young at heart!

Easter Bunny Burps

We are proud to offer this Natures Garden original! They have outdone themselves with this fabulous  blend of spring garden greens highlighted with a hint of mint for a fresh sensation. Spring flowers for whimsy, green tones for texture sitting on tones of white sandalwood and musk. 

Flowering Dogwood

This scent is a sweet floral blend of dogwood blossoms, violets, jasmine, and plumeria with an undertone of soft musk and sandalwood. 

Formal Affair

is scent is for the classiest men. With top notes of kaffir lime, lemon, and ozone notes; followed by middle notes of basil, black pepper, and cucumber; sitting on base notes of vetiver and spice. This is sure to please!! 

Fresh Cut Roses

Like a dozen long-stemmed roses from your sweetheart! More complex than most rose fragrances, this is a beautiful blend of a variety of roses and greenery. Very pure, fragrant rose scent.  A favorite sure to please!

Fresh Floral Honeydew

A fresh and pretty fragrance, which has a fruity mix of pineapple, sweet watermelon, strawberries and apples with a light background of jasmine, violets and pansies. 

Georgia Peach

This scent transforms you to the summer peach orchards in Georgia where the summer air carries that wonderful aroma of  fruity peach nectar and your cheeks feel the fuzz as you bite into a warm Georgia peach, fresh from the tree.  Honeydew melon and green pear top-notes introduce you to the floral peach blossom and rose middle-note and a woody musky vanilla give the base to appreciate the floral sensation.

Ginger Lime

This is a bright and zesty lemon-lime blend combined with the warm and comforting notes of honeyed ginger for a sophisticated twist on a refreshingly clean combination.

Our most popular scent!


A sniff of this scent conjures up images of a freshly baked cookie, with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. 

Grandma's Kitchen

This is all you need to take you back to the days of perching on a stool in Grandma’s kitchen the scent of freshly baked apple pie, sprinkled generously with cinnamon and hints of allspice take you back to the days of perching on a stool in Grandma's kitchen and watching her work her magic. The base-notes of fresh clove bud and Vermont maple syrup round out this scent to make the years fall away.


Visions of an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender. This scent has lightly floral top-notes, supported by soft powdery undertones, helping to promote feelings of calm and wellness.

Lemon Pucker

A super lemony, tart scent that makes your lips pucker and your mouth water! Check your cheek for drops of lemon juice after sniffing this zesty fragrance.

Love Spell

What a sweet combination of mandarin, peaches, strawberries and grapefruit with a base of soft musk and bergamot.  

Mango Mandarin

A tropical, fruity-floral blend with top-notes of tangerine, clementine, nectarine and mandarin.  You will savor the magnolia blossom undertones and the musky, creamy base-notes.


A classic mulberry scent enhanced by cinnamon stick, wild berries and bitter orange peels.

Passionate Kisses

This one blends different florals and fruits, topped by fresh blackberry, raspberry, and strawberries; a middle-note of coconut milk and fresh cut roses; base-notes of vanilla and musk.  A unique combination that, somehow, makes you come back for another sniff.

Persian Pear

Sun-ripened Anj0u pears, lightly sprinkled with coconut, vanilla bean and sunshine. The musky base makes this scent perfect year-round, but especially for the fall.

What a truly refreshing burst of floral sensations.  It is sweet with a tropical influence based on a hint of ripe melon.

 Sea Island Grapefruit

The sweetest, crispest and cleanest sun-ripened grapefruit you will ever smell.  Softened with a hint of white orchids, truly a treasure to enjoy.

Sweet Pea

Another breathtaking spring-fresh scent by BBW! This vivacious aroma captures the essence of country garden freshness. It's a simple fragrance that delicately balances the wholesome smells of sweet pea flowers with the light aroma of summer melon and delicately perfumed Lily of the Valley. 

Tranquil Waters

This is a fresh water scent with no salt undertones, just a crystal blue water scent that calms the soul.

Vanilla Buttercream

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is Tahitian Vanilla, powdered sugar and butter rum whipped with sweet churned butter to create the perfect fluffy and decadent confection.