Flameless Air Freshener

Packaged Air Fresheners

Scented Sea Salt Crystals


     To make this flameless air freshener we start with natural sea salt crystals chosen for their optimal range in size & clarity in color.  After going through our three to five-day coloring & scenting process they create a dazzling addition to any room decor and throw their aroma for at least 4 months.  

     Each scent comes in a 16 oz. reclosable zip-lock pouch.  Pour the entire pouch  of crystals in a decorative glass dish to diffuse into a medium or large room or use a portion for smaller spaces.  Stir the crystals occasionally to freshen the scent.  For a stronger throw, use the crystals in an oil warmer.  

     We also offer the 1 oz. refresher oil as an add-on at time of purchase or as a separate item later.  A few drops of oil on the crystals will double the life of the crystals.  Order as an add-on with the pouch for a $1 saving on the oil.

Aroma Bead Sachets


     Our scented & dyed aroma bead sachets are made of amazing little clear beads that absorb fragrance oil fantastically. Liquid candle dyes are added for artful appeal to coordinate with the scent.  These unique little air fresheners make unique and affordable wedding favors or baby shower favors!

     The uses for our beads are varied.  Add them to your regular potpourri dish; add to vacuum cleaner bag to freshen as you clean; give as wedding or shower favors; place them in small spaces such as drawers, cars, luggage, hampers, closets, to name a few. 

     The life of these beads is about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the location's temperature. Diffusion rates are greater, and the life is shorter in a warmer climate. 

     Refresher oil can be added to revive them.  Refresher oils are offered for sale on our site.

Scented Water Crystals


     Our exclusive water crystal air fresheners are specially formulated gel crystals which are capable of holding 400 times their weight in water.  After hydrating with distilled water, they are colored with a non-toxic liquid dye  and scented with one of our popular fragrance oils.  The crystal clear 8 oz. PET jar is sealed with a lid with daisy holes for display and scent diffusion.  Simply remove the spillage prevention disk, replace the lid,  and you are ready to enjoy your beautiful scented air freshener that enhances the decor of your room.  

     The crystals can also be displayed

in an open glass dish or used in an oil warmer for a stronger scent throw.

     As crystals dehydrate, add small amounts of water and stir to wake up the scent.  Total life should be about three months, depending on breeze currents and temperature of environment.

     They make perfect wedding favors, gifts,  or baby shower favors.